Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Anil do coverups, retouch or color enhancement on an existing tattoo?

..... .....NO.

2. Can I contact you through email with questions or design ideas?

We prefer to speak to all customers directly via phone. However, if you have a brief question please do the following:

In the SUBJECT of your email you must put the DATE, the word TATTOO, and your question. If your email does not contain a date and the word TATTOO then please do not expect a response. Please allow at least 1 week for a reply. Email

3. Where is Inkline Studio located?

We are conveniently located on Manhattan's Lower East Side at 62 Rivington Street #1B. (Between Allen and Eldridge Street). New York, NY-10002. Tel: (212) 228 3393 / (212) 614 0094. The studio is easily accessible by car, train, or bus.

4. What are your hours of operation?

12m till 8pm, closed on Sundays & Mondays. Please call us to set up a consultation appointment.

5. How much does a tattoo from Anil cost?

The prices are as unique as his tattoos, based on many factors: size, intricacy, research and required drawing time, placement, and the time it takes to execute the piece. Due to the highly-customized nature of the work, it is extremely difficult to quote a price without a consultation.

6. How do I set up an appointment?

We advise you to set up a consultation appointment prior to a final/tattoo appointment. You may come down to the studio with any ideas and references you may have. This makes it easier for Anil to assess your custom tattoo needs and the amount of time it will take to complete the task. You will need to talk to Anil directly and leave a cash deposit before setting an exact appointment. It is a good idea to call ahead just to make sure things at the studio aren't too hectic.

7. How far in advance is Anil booked?

The waiting time varies due to many factors, including researching and drawing your tattoo design and how many people have booked appointments prior to you. To learn about the latest availability, please call at Inkline Studio (212) 228 3393 during business hours as we DO NOT send any answer pertaining to the appointment availability thru e-mail.

8. What subject matters do you tattoo?

Anil is open to most ideas, including portraits, fantasy, nature, spiritual, art nouveau, Renaissance and contemporary fine arts, miniatures, photo-realism of any image, tribal, abstract and Oriental to name a few. There hasn't yet been an idea presented that cannot be done.

9. What sort of references do I need to bring with me to my consultation?

The more focused and specific the information you supply, the easier it is for Anil to turn the tattoo of your dreams into a reality. There are many different things you can bring to your consultation to use as reference materials, including all types of books and print media, photographs, rough sketches, physical objects (i.e., a seashell, your child's favorite toy, etc.). With a little bit of imagination, almost anything in the world can be a tattoo reference so don't be afraid to delve into your search with an open mind! You should bring any of your references, ideas, sketches along with you. If at all possible, try to bring high-quality copies of these things instead of originals, as it may be necessary to leave them here for drawing purposes. Rest assured, all references will be returned safely if it is not possible to leave a copy. Other than that, a cash deposit is required in order to set up an appointment. For your convenience, it is a good idea to bring money and/or an ATM card, as there are bank machines within close proximity of the studio. This will allow you to set up an appointment without having to wait or make an additional trip to the studio. A consultation will not take very long. It usually goes like this: You'll come in with your ideas and references. Anil will look at them and discuss them with you, as well as take a look at the place you'd like to get the tattoo. This is to make sure the size and placement are appropriate, along with the tattoo's composition. He also needs to make sure the area is not too tanned, hairy, blemished, or scarred to be tattooed. From there, he'll figure out how much time the tattoo will take, quote a price, and proceed to schedule your appointment. Please note that Anil prefers not to finish other artists' work.

10. What do I need to do or bring with me the day of my actual appointment?

There are a couple of things you can do to help facilitate getting your tattoo. Most importantly, you want to be as healthy as possible when you come in. Here are some recommendations to help make things go smoothly: Eat before you come in, or else you might feel dizzy or light-headed. Do not drink alcohol or do drugs at least two days prior to getting tattooed. Inkline does not tolerate any alcohol, drug, or intoxicants in the studio. We reserve the right to refuse services if you are suspected to be under the influence of anything. This might sound harsh, but your safety is more important to us than anything else. Try to get a good night's sleep the night before getting tattooed. Wear comfortable, loose clothing that will easily allow access to the area to be tattooed. It is OK to bring a beverage, especially water or fruit juice, with you in case you get thirsty during your tattoo. Before getting started with the tattoo, please inform Anil of any allergies or special medical conditions that you may have. If you have any other questions at all, please ask!!!

11. What methods of sterilization does Inkline use?

Inkline takes yours and our safety very seriously. Therefore, we follow strict precautions to insure you a safe tattooing experience. All of our equipment is sterilized in an autoclave, which is the same thing they use in a hospital of doctor's office. Every needle is brand new and sterile, along with the ink and other supplies used for each individual tattoo, then disposed of properly upon completion, making your tattooing experience as safe as possible. And everything is opened or laid out in front of you, so you can see for yourself.

12. Does it hurt?

Each person has a different tolerance level for pain, so the question is pretty subjective. What one person finds excruciating, another might not bat an eyelash. Most clients agree that it is more of an annoyance than anything else. It may not be the best feeling in the world for you, but it is ultimately a tolerable sensation. The good news is that once the tattoo is finished, you'll never feel it again!