Anil Gupta


Welcome to the colorful world of Inkline Studio, home to renowned tattooist Anil Gupta. Inkline is a most unique studio, catering exclusively to your custom tattooing needs. Anil firmly believes that with an open mind and a vivid imagination, it is possible to turn the tattoo of your dreams into a reality. Whether it's a miniature reproduction of an Old Master's painting or a Gupta original, he's proven time and again that no tattoo is impossible — a concept which is helping to challenge and redefine the contemporary standards of tattoo artistry. Anil's work has received attention from the media on an international scale, including several tattoo magazines, the "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" television series, and many other forthcoming projects. His tattoos win awards at tattoo conventions all over the globe. Quite a few celebrities also flock to New York just to get inked by Anil. To sample just a fraction of his beautiful creations, please take your time and browse through the portfolios contained in this Web site.